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Treadmill Q&A:

BY: Torra Wolf, Mind Body Burn Personal Trainer

What muscles do the treadmill target?

-The treadmill alone is meant to target the leg muscles. Depending on the exercise performed on the treadmill will determine which leg muscles are the more primary muscle.

Walking and running both target quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, and calves.

However, if we want to get extra technical, shoulder and back muscles are also in use as you pump your arms back and forth.

What fitness goals can’t be accomplished through the treadmill alone?

-Although treadmill workouts are mainly known for endurance and cardiovascular training, strength training can also be accomplished. For example, when running sprints at an incline the quad muscles are being strengthened. So to answer the question, no matter the fitness goal, depending on the exercise, the treadmill can help you achieve it.

There may be better options than using the treadmill to accomplish certain goals, but if the only available equipment you have is a treadmill, we can make it work!

Treadmill exercises that compensate for what can’t be accomplished with the treadmill alone. (e.g. usining dumbbells or resistance bands)

-lateral leg lifts –performed at a 1.0 pace with a resistance band above the knees

-posterior leg lifts- (same as lateral lifts)

-power walking with light dumbbells in hand—option to do bicep curls or jab crosses in front

-shoulder press while walking

-arm pulls- stepping off and behind the treadmill and pulling the belt towards you while in a low squat position

-adding ankle or wrist weights to your walk/jog

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