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Intuitive Eating

1. You’re not “good” because you’re eating less, or “bad” because you like brownies. There shouldn’t be lofty rules that determine who you are based on what you eat.

2. The diet mentality gives false hope and offers band aid fixes while causing deeper problems mentally & emotionally.

3. If you’re hungry and need food; feed yourself! If you go past just hungry and become ravenous, self-control is tossed aside.

4. Get rid of

restrictions. Give yourself permission to eat or you’ll end up feeling deprived and increase the risk of binge eating & guilt.

5. Know the difference between FULL & SATISFIED. Listen to your body during meals and stop once you feel happy with what you’ve eaten.

6. Experience your food and enjoy it! You will feel more satisfied by enjoying what you eat by focusing on it in the moment.

7. Don’t let your feelings deeply influence your relationship with your food. Food can’t fix your problems long-term.

8. Realize that everyone’s bodies are different due to genes & other factors outside your control. Respect your body & be realistic with your goals.

9. Instead of limiting yourself and what you eat, try to enjoy exercise & make gentle changes in nutrition along the way. Your overall health is most important. PROGRESS over PERFECTION.

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